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Our journey begins in 1971. The philosophy of our company is to carry out the entire creation of jewels in the heart of Valenza - Italy, place this where we can maintain the desire to make, to innovate and to create entirely Italian style.

A search for a tangible result into emotions and durability is behind the creation of each Leo Pizzo collection.

This aim is what we desire to support as an element of profound distinction.

Each of the new object is subject of an impressive work of intellect and prototyping.

Each jewel, even the most simple, is characterized by high standards of excellence and quality.

The 18-carat gold is skillfully processed by our expert goldsmiths and further embellished with selected diamonds and precious stones.

When buying a Leo Pizzo jewel, our customer experience truthfulness and spontaneity, the protagonists of a system of care that characterize the event of a valuable and unique purchase.

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