Christian Xenon In The City & By The Sea!

   in the city and by the sea

Our dearest friends, partners and associates! We are so excited and happy to inform you that Christian Xenon Jewellery and Watches has opened a second branch... by the Sea! Your beloved Christian Xenon «In The City» & the new Christian Xenon «By The Sea» will continue offering the best Customer Experience Service, presenting their famous brands in the world of Jewellery & Haute Horlogerie, in their two branches in Limassol City!

It has been a long journey! We would like to Thank You, for your endless love and support all those years! Our Team is ready to share with you all the positive things around us! Those 20 years have been full of memories and special moments shared with you! Today we’re creating new ones! The Magic continues by the Sea! Welcome to a new era!

The 20th Anniversary Event

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Christian Xenon Jewellery and Watches

The 20th Anniversary Event: Bewitched! 20 Years under the spell!

Bewitched! Christian Xenon Jewellery & Watches – The 20th Anniversary! 20 Years Under The Spell… The Magic Will Happen!

On Friday, Saturday & Sunday (November 25th to 27th) we celebrated our 20th Anniversary with a successful Cocktail Event and we shared the magic of the New Collections of the Leading Jewellery Houses & Swiss Haute Horlogerie! The brand names of exclusive jewellery we represent speak for themselves. Jewellery collections you can find at our luxurious boutiques will satisfy any demand, as they are able to evolve even time, becoming ageless and timeless, simply showing the eternal future of being. Creations, we offer to our beloved clients, receive the most important awards in the world of jewellery & watches and continue to be appreciated and dreamed about by ladies & gentlemen of all over the world. Thank you all for being there... sharing the magic!

Bewitched! The 20th Anniversary Logo!


Bewitched! Christian Xenon Jewellery & Watches – The 20th Anniversary! 20 Years Under The Spell… Stay Tuned!