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Nouvelle Bague is a story which started in Florence in 1976. Leopoldo Poli, the founder, used to say: “Jewels are like fairy tales, and they break down all boundaries between so many different areas of art and technical skills. They inspire legends and provoke desires: they are dreams that have come down to us through all the history of humanity without losing their fascination.

A jewel is something that is everlasting, both in the world of art and in the world of human emotions. It brings us into the dimension of luxury and elegance as an extreme expression of beauty. Jewels have been made since the world began and they will continue to be made until the end of time.”

The historic development of Nouvelle Bague reverberates with the echo of the Renaissance in
its every single cell. This is the echo of that Tuscan craftsmanship that has its heart in Florence, and
Nouvelle Bague and its own very nature cannot be separated from the city that gave them life.

The architectural setting and the naturalness of a living contact with the art which is all around make the brand a privileged witness and a spontaneous creator of richness and beauty. Design has always travelled along the same path as architecture, right up to today’s avant-garde. Nouvelle Bague is ever sensitive to the passing of time and creates jewellery with a new aesthetic style that is destined to leave its mark and last throughout time.

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